About Us

What is the Northern International Festival of Cinema?

An Event perfect for Filmmakers, and Film lovers alike! The NIFOCinema is a day-long celebration of Up-and-Coming/As-yet undiscovered Filmmakers and Creatives, and the Content that they have worked painstakingly to produce. This Event not only dedicates time to the Screening and Awarding of some of these Talents, but will also give them a rare chance to meet and network will fellow aspiring Creative Minds, as well as some already established names. The Festival and both its’ location and creation, were devised right here in the North-East. As we represent a generation of Filmmakers, often overlooked by the South-favouring mainstream of the Industry, we aim to give back to the hotbed of creativity the North truly is.

Mission Statement

  • Showcase Student Films, Experimental and North-East related stories/talent.

  • Educate and inform the North-Eastern Film Audience about aspects of other Cultures and Nations.

  • Highlight and raise the view of the landscape of Northern life.

  • Provide opportunities and platforms for up-and-coming/unrecognised Filmmakers to have their work showcased, appreciated and promoted.

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